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Ripclaw Review

Legendary Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Toys) - Pitt Series
Run down:
Sculpting - This is a great looking figure, but upon closer inspection, it seems ToyBiz kept their Black Panther molds because his torso and thighs are all cast from that. The head sculpt is dead on to the likeness of the character. His clawed hands are a little to bulky in the back of the hand. I do like the sculpting of the ties on his biceps.

Painting - Here Ripclaw has some severe drawbacks. The red paint on his chest and shoulders looks to have bled and the lines are very blurry. The grey lines on his boots also suffer the same blurry problem and on my figure were offset. He has severe chipping on his shoulder joints both of red and white paint. Another issue being that I don't actually recognize this costume. Sure it has claws and looks like Ripclaw, but I remember his costume looking differently (Arms red at biceps, chest pattern different, boots different, belt different). Which is another thing, his belt has great detail, but needs a wash of a darker color for these details to stand out.

Articulation - The articulation is great. Again, pretty much the same as Black Panther from the Marvel Legends Sentinel Series. The only place articulation could have been better was in his hands. His fingers are individually articulated, which is cool and all, but unnecessary here. He could have just done with all fingers being articulated together and his hands wouldn't have had to have been so big.

Packaging - Package actually looks really nice. Colorful, with great detail on a character I knew very little about. The way he was packed bent his legs in an awkward manner.

Pretty decent figure. Again, paint flaws really take away from a good figure. I wish they had given us another body sculpt rather than just slapping arms, legs and a head on a white Black Panther.

      by VariablePenguin   Update Review

User Comments
Kyle Robinson - Saturday, September 29, 2007
great reviws VP, are you gunna post them at our site too, we could use a new ones, *** DOC***
VariablePenguin - Friday, September 28, 2007
Oh, the limbs were the same? I had no idea actually. Good observation.
Unknown User - Thursday, September 27, 2007
I wasnt expecting Rip Claw to be some giant walking mountain of muscle I jus thought he''d be slightly bigger,when i compared the FO Punisher and Iron Fist the similarities were basically the limbs and not so much of the torso
VariablePenguin - Thursday, September 27, 2007
FO punisher isn''t a buffed up Iron Fist. That doesn''t even make sense. I don''t think he''s too small though. He seems accurate for the comics. The Black Panther torso is one of the bigger ones they made. Ripclaw isn''t some huge hulking guy, he''s just a buff dude with claws for hands.
Lunarfox - Thursday, September 27, 2007
Im with you Bakit?!, Ripclaw is really tiny compared to my other LCBH figures.
Unknown User - Thursday, September 27, 2007
im not so disappointed by the fact that the base was a black panther,cause after all there are several marvel legends figures that are duplicates of another figure i/e:FO Punisher is a buffed up Iron Fist.Captain Marvel,Moon Knight,Bullseye and Quick Silver are basically the same.I was more disappointed aboot the size of the hands and the size of the figure it self i thought it would be alot bigger

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