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Hawkman Review

Identity Crisis (DC Direct) - Series 1
I've been waiting for DC Direct to make the perfect Hawkman figure, so when I saw this Identity Crisis version online, I had to have it. Problem is that he's not so perfect! I can't hold the color-scheme against it (red/green/yellow) because it's accurate, but I think it's the worst suit design EVER. The main problem with this figure is the arms though.

Carter stands 6.5 inches to the top of his head and over 7 inches if you count his amazingly-detailed wings and mask. I love the grim expression he has, looks ready to break-open someone's head with the heavy mace. Sadly, the mask, wings, and mace are the only super-detailed parts on this fig, the rest are bland (although he's wearing tights so it makes sense that there's very little detail). The paint-job is clean for the most part, the yellow could use another coat, the whole fig has a semi-matte finish. The legs and upper-body are well sculpted, this guy is ripped! The arms are WAY too big though, almost grotesque. The forearms look deformed and the shoulders are ridiculously huge. I know Hawkman is beefy, but come on, you've got to set limits somewhere! Otherwise you'll end up with a shelf full of McGuinness art, yuck.

Articulation is minimal of course, which limits action poses SEVERELY. Shoulders are ball-sockets (can move anywhere but the sculpting limits some movement), elbows and knees are hinged, hands and legs are swiveled, and the neck is also a ball-socket for a full range of movement. The wings attach directly to the back (not into the yellow straps) with ball-sockets (wings are packaged loose and you pop them into place) so they are super-poseable to an extent. You can get like 2 or 3 cool poses out of this fig due to lack of poseability, you'll most likely display it standing still.

        by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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