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Green Arrow Review

Green Arrow
Identity Crisis (DC Direct) - Series 1
Like all guys with girly names, Oliver Queen is one cool customer. I find it funny that his suit hasn't changed while everyone else's has had at least a dozen alterations for a "modern look". He's still wearing a skirt and tights, then again, Batman is still being a rebel and wearing his underwear on the outside, so if we complain about Ollie then we have to complain about Batman, and the last guy to complain about Batman was killed by Joker with a crowbar, so let's just move on.

Ollie stands about 6.6 inches, taller than the Hawkman from the same series. The 6.6 is to the top of his hat though, his actual head may end at 6.3 or 6.4. If this sounds like nit-picking it's because I AM nit-picking because it's fun to do so with a line of toys whose sculptors and QC guys REALLY S'UCK AT SCALING FIGURES. I get the impression that some of these DC figures are sculpted in 6-inch scale and then purposely lengthened to try and keep them consistent with the other figures in the same series, also to spite Marvel Legends. Ollie has a lean, lithe body but this figure almost looks like a green giraffe (The Green Giraffe, now there's a cool superhero for ya! You reading this, Toys-R-Us?). The paint-job is decent, which is a terrible thing to have to say about a figure that is supposed to be a step-higher in quality than everything else. There are some visible brush-strokes and small over-spills, but it's smooth for the most part. The paint on the head is especially bad, with little bumps in places and a blotchy appearance, mainly in the short blond hair. The face is almost smirking, but maybe he's just biting his lip to stop from crying at the bent arrow on his hat...poor Ollie The gloves, bracers, and boots looks metallic (not chrome-green, just green with silver mixed into it) while the rest of the body has a semi-matte finish. Yes, he has a quiver and long-bow as tall as he is! I can appreciate some comic-novelty, but I doubt he can run around quickly with this thing or even store it in his quiver. I always thought should be using a collapsible compound bow, it would have some sort of internal pulley-mechanisms to amplify mechanical advantage (and poundage) as much as possible for those near-impossible far-away shots. Anyway, hah, the quiver can hold one loose arrow (included) while the rest of the opening is covered with a piece that looks like 2 neat rows of arrows (the feathered end, of course).

Time for a do I love to complain...

The articulation is TERRIBLE! Lol. It's not bad actually: shoulders and neck are ball-sockets so they can move in almost any direction, wrists, hips, waist, and biceps are swiveled, elbows and knees are hinged (14 POA).

If I had to pay 15 bucks for this at a comic-shop, I'd be ticked-off, but I got mine for a buck so I'm fine with it.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, October 1, 2007
Not at all, the elbows don''t bend enough.
Kern - Monday, October 1, 2007
Can he at least be posed as if he''s about to fire that arrow decently?

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