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Elephant / Ostrich / Zebra Review

Elephant / Ostrich / Zebra
Lion King (Disney) - I Just Can't Wait To Be King Friends
Ugh, I can't remember the last time I reviewed something. Anyway, Steel was released in Series 5 of Mattel’s DCSH line, alongside an Orange Doomsday, Blue Supergirl (if anyone can get me this figure, I would owe you my life!), Parasite, Bizarro, and Superman rereleases. Now, down to business.

Steel stands about 6.5” tall, putting his height around that of Batman or Superman. While most people thought Steel was going to be a repaint of Superman, he turns out to be an all new sculpt. Well, mostly. The upper-legs appear to be re-used from Azrael, but as always in DCSH, if they re-use parts, they give us a kick -butt accessory. Series 3 Batman re-used Superman’s tights (no snickering, please), and he got like 7 batarangs! Steel gets his kick-butt hammer, it’s sculpted with technological do-dads, and it’s 7” tall! That’s right, it’s half an inch taller than he is! Thank you, Mattel.

The cape is also worth mentioning. It’s the same soft vinyl stuff as Superman, but thicker and darker. It has the appropriate “windblown” look. The shoulder-pads are the same stuff, but a lot thinner. Not “it’s going to rip if you look at it cross-eyed”, just thin enough to let the shoulders get an almost full range of motion but thick enough to, er, not rip. But I do have a note to that. The night before I wrote this review (aka, last night), I put Steel in a flying pose, and left both of his arms swiveled as high as I could get them. Well, a few minutes ago, I put the arms down and found the shoulder pads are horribly distorted. The lesson? Don’t leave him in a flying pose overnight.

The paint is applied cleanly and evenly. I got the flat S shield version, and it couldn’t look more perfect. The legs are two different tones of gray on mine, but I can forgive that seeing as it still makes sense. Steel has all the regular articulation of a DCSH figure. His head is balljointed where it meets the head, and hinged where it meets the neck, the shoulders are ball jointed, biceps swivel, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, hinged and pivoting ankles. That’s 22 points right there. He could use some swivels at the tops of his boots, but that’s a minor nit. The DCUC figures will be using the same articulation, and Mattel has gotten it right. The wrist weapons turn independently of the wrists, so they can be posed however you’d like.

Unfortunately, Steel was packed one per case along with Supergirl and Parasite. However, that wave is hitting in strong numbers at Big Lots, but unfortunately, I haven’t found Supergirl yet .

      by Tom-Tom   Update Review

User Comments
Tom-Tom - Friday, October 26, 2007
my state doesnt have a ross, unfortunately. thanx though.
Dr Nightmare - Friday, October 26, 2007
Lol...there were like four Blue Supergirls at the Ross I worked at...I''ll check Big Lots and tell you if I see anything...
And damn, I didn''t know about the pads distorting, good thing I haven''t made him fly yet >_<

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