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Dracula (Biting Action) Review

Dracula (Biting Action)
Van Helsing (Jakks Pacific) - Series 1
Dracula. Monster of Death. Prince of Darkness. King of Blood. Pack your crucifix, wooden steak, and your silver bullet-shootin' pistols, you're headed to Transylvania! Straight outta' Transylvania and the Van Helsing toyline comes the Dracula Monster. First off, the movie, a definite 5 stars. Now to the figure. The Dracula Monster is in a screaming/attacking pose,but you can put him in any pose you want. This guy has 15 points of articulation-4 in the arms, 2 in the legs, 2 in the wings, and 1 in that you can turn the head a full 360 degrees. The Monster has a mane of black hair down his neck. The ears are straight back.The eyes are a dark black with whit pupils. His mouth his wide open with some long blood-stained teeth.The inside of the is also stained with blood-adding to the creepiness. The Monster has 2 enormous wings with a wingspan of about 1 whole foot! When you squeeze the legs together the wings even flap! Dracula's got a big muscular chest, clad with tiny scars and what not.His arms are long and nasty. He has 2 claws coming out of each wrist and his hands and claws are so evil looking. Dracula has 3 hoof-like toes and 2 other claws coming out of the ankles. His overall color is grayish blue.The Dracula Monster action figure by far my favorite toy of all! This guy will deliver more fun than you can drive a steak through!!! See you later, ese.

      by El Bandelerro   Update Review

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