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Arcee Review

Transformers - Movie (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Getting back into the groove of reviewing Transformers is awkward because different things are expected of them than "normal figures", and I have no idea as to what those things are, but here goes anyway!

Arcee ("RC", brilliant!) stands about 5.80 inches tall, which is...great? My major gripe with the TF toys is that almost none of them are in-scale with one another. Arcee is a sexy motorcycle but she looks waaaay out of proportion in that mode when next to a Voyager-class figure. For the most part, TFs only look natural next to each other when in robot-mode. I understand that it would cost a lot more to make them more in-scale with one another, making them that much more expensive than they already are, but I can still complain Arcee is as shapely as a female robot can get, I can't believe how the designers manage to make these figures dip and bulge in the right places and still get a functional result. She's go-ot le-egs, ZZ Top would approve. She's slender and petite (but not frail at all) and the feet resemble high-heels, which is, uh, great. I like the black/purplish-pink color-scheme on this TF, there are many tiny details that are muted by the black blandness of the plastic, but I don't mind. Some changes I would make to this figure: Make the wrists ball-joints like the elbows. As they are, the wrists can only move up and down, not turn. Also, Arcee suffers from the same backpack-syndrome most TFs suffer from where any extra vehicle-parts are just shoved to the back of the figure, sometimes causing instability. In this case, the front-wheel and most of the steering mechanism go to the back, I would have made the whole section detach and become a shield (minus the wheel). The rear-wheel is split in two and one half of it is permanently attached to each shoulder. It makes Arcee look like she has a jet-pack with wings, which may be cool to some people, but I don't like it. I'd rather take them off completely. They look like easy fixes too so I may get around to doing them sometime. The rear seat and cover detach to form a pretty cool crossbow that attaches to either arm and actually fires satisfactorily. It can even be used in vehicle-mode for rear-assaults! The crossbow's bolt is the detachable exhaust-pipe, simply genius.

The articulation is great on this TF, almost all vital areas can move. The head, elbows, and shoulders have a full range of motion, the knees, wrists, and feet are hinged (the feet can be adjusted in two places for maximum stability), and the hips can move almost anywhere, they just can't stick-out to the sides too much. The wheels move freely in vehicle-mode and she has a kick-stand to keep her up too. The joints haven't gotten loose yet and I've had this fig for a few months now, great quality.

I can appreciate how hard it is to make one of these toys, so I think the 10 dollar price-tag for these Deluxe-class TFs is decent. Arcee might be hard to find with scalpers lurking around, but run over to Target or TRU and you may get lucky.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Thursday, December 6, 2007
She kind of reminds me of a Knightsabre from the Bubblegum Crisis anime.
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, November 24, 2007
(Yeah, Transformers is misspelled in the review on the front-page, it won''t update when I try to fix it for some reason x_X)

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