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Joker (Quick Fire) Review

Joker (Quick Fire)
Batman (Mattel) - Series 1
The Purple Prince of Crime is 5.85 inches of lithe elegance with scepter, coat-tails, white-top shoes, and a stylish tassle-tie (or maybe it's just a bow-tie unbound, like his mind). He's about 6-inches to the top of his hair, but hair doesn't count, so he's a bit shorter but it's passable. The pants, sleeves, and flexible jacket are purple plastic with other details painted-on, while the shirt is orange plastic with details painted-on. The gloves and face are white plastic, also with painted details. What a face. That is one scary-bum smile, the green his teeth look like a skeletons, bared and rotten-tan. He has small high cheekbones and a long narrow jaw-line, making him look that much more surreal. The green eyes and all other details are painted well. The scepter is black with a creepy gold jester-head and Joker also comes with a ridiculously huge gun that shoots either a stick with a BANG! flag on it or a stick with a Joker-card on it. And by "fires" I mean "slides out onto the floor when you pull the trigger", it's lame. It fits in his left hand. It's heavy so Joker's left leg juts-out a little to compensate and keep him balanced when he stands. This doesn't take-away from the figure at all, it still looks great in any pose, however limited they may be.

This Joker isn't very articulated: neck, wrists, waist, hips are swiveled, shoulders are swivel-hinged, knees are hinged. That's 12 POA, meh. I's appreciate some elbow hinges at least.

I've been reading conflicting reports that this either is or isn't the same one as the new DCSH Joker. I bought my Joker for 12 bucks in a two-pack with Batman at Big Lots, the DCSH Joker is 12 bucks but he only comes by himself...and he has orange pants. So assuming this is the same figure, you're better-off going to Big Lots and getting Joker in his original suit with a free Batman!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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