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Buffy (Once More with Feeling) Review

Buffy (Once More with Feeling)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Diamond Select) - Deluxe Figures - Series 1
If you don't know who Buffy is then...well you haven't missed that much. The show was cool though, up until the inevitable point where it turned into a soap opera, but you should still buy this figure to pay tribute to one of the coolest shows ever.

Buffy stands a hair under 6 inches which, if you're going to be a stickler, is way too tall for Sarah's height of 5' 3'', but she looks great alongside other 6-inch-scale figures like Marvel Legends. The figure has a dead-on likeness to Gellar, the expression she has is pretty relaxed and almost smiling, I guess she finds slaying demons therapeutic, hey, who wouldn't! The hair is a flexible dirty-blond, and if you ask any guy, that's a beautiful thing. The hands are both in semi-gripping positions and have painted fingernails. I love this figure, the entire thing is painted. The red shirt and black pants were probably cast in their corresponding colors, but they were still painted (and shaded and highlighted!), and that is something to admire about the people who made this figure. There are sculpted folds and wrinkles to clearly express Buffy is wearing clothes, not a skin-tight cat-suit. The flare on the sleeves and pants makes all the difference.

The poseability is great, and the joints aren't delicate like on many other articulated female figures, they hold-up well to continuous movement. Neck, ankles, and hips are swivel-hinged, shoulders are swivel-hinges connected to the body with ball-sockets (weird, but they work well and look good!), upper-body moves freely, arms swivel, elbows/knees are double-hinged, wrists are swiveled and hinged. Even the shoe-tips are articulated! The hinges in the knees and elbows are click-joints so they're extra durable. The shoulders may need to be tightened after a while though, especially if she's holding something heavy, like a Slayer-Scythe, or the big-bum pool-cue she comes with! (She also has a standard stake) The only potential downside to the articulation is that the figure loses the natural-look in the hips. I think it looks fine but you're always going to know it's a joint when you look at that area.

This is a great figure whether you decide to open it or keep it MIP, the packaging is excellent and would look great on your wall. My only gripe with this line of Deluxe Buffy figures is that the same bodies are used for all of the female characters (apparently) with different heads. I have this Buffy and a Faith and they have the same body, only difference is that Faith has a removable jacket (and interchangeable arms too). Would it have killed them to give one of the figures different shoes or larger breasts? Hah...

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User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, November 26, 2007
Alright, I got some pics:

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