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Faith (End of Days) Review

Faith (End of Days)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Diamond Select) - Deluxe Figures - Series 1
Faith is about 6 inches tall. Faith's jacket has green highlights for some reason. Faith doesn't look much like Faith at all, this figure's face is too wide. Eliza is pretty hot, and this figure doesn't reflect that. She has drab-green pants and a flexible blue jacket, which can be removed, and a red shirt underneath. The figure is basically the same as "OMWF" Buffy with a few different wrinkles on the shirt, so you can go read the review on Buffy (I don't want to be redundant!). What's great about this figure is the jacket, mainly because it's perfect for custom fodder (assuming you don't like the figure as is). Faith comes with two sets of arms, one bare and one with the jacket's sleeves sculpted on them. Both sets of arms are nicely articulated, including double-hinged elbows. The jacket-arms don't have the swivel-hinge at the shoulder though, they can only swivel up and down (but that's an easy fix to any customizer). Faith is packaged along with the Slayer's Scythe/Axe doo-hickey and a standard wooden stake. The Scythe really just looks like a fancy fireman's axe, but it's cool because it's a unique weapon.

For articulation, read the Deluxe Buffy review. Faith only loses some articulation at the shoulders when the jacket-arms are attached. The upper-body is much stiffer than Buffy's, this all varies from figure-to-figure though.

These Deluxe Buffy figures shouldn't be that hard to find, I've seen them at comic-shops for 20 bucks, which is...yikes, but you can get them cheap online if you buy them with other figures in bulk to save on shipping.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Yarrr, it''s those pegs showing-through that kill her, they need to be covered-up, they''re not that bad aside from that.
Kern - Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Those''re... wierd looking hips

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