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Deadpool Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 6
Hands down one of the best ML action figures around, Deadpool has got it all: articulation and weapons. I just can't understand what that leg holster is for, since they're not really for the guns, but are too loose for the sais. Oh well, I just put the sais in there.

Nice job on the colors, too.

The replaceable head adds a nice touch to the figure as well. Excellent body proportion, except on Deadpool's shoulder joints which look kinda awkward, like he's got two melons for shoulders.

Another must-have, and that's why Deadpool is included in my ML collection.

      by Ronnstein   Update Review

User Comments
Purity - Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Agreed! The reason for the sais being so loose for the pouch is because DP's body is actually re-used. The original figure used was Urban Legends Daredevil, who's pouch is made for his billy clubs. They fit nicely in the pouch, but DP's sais don't. The body is a GREAT scult for Deadpool though.

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