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Flash Review

Total Justice (Kenner) - Series 1
One of the reasons I like the Total Justice figures is the attention to detail. The paint jobs on them are excellent. Many other toy series I've seen always seem to have a slight flaw on them like paint running from the corner of the eyes or paint from boots overlapping the paint on the figure's leg. The paint job on The Flash is sharp and concise. The yellow lightning streaks on his red gloves are perfectly defined, just like streak around his waist, the lightning accents on the sides of his mask, and the famous Flash symbol on his chest.
I know a lot of people like detailed muscles too, but also like some other other Total Justice figures, sometimes the muscles go overboard. Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman all have these ridiculously exaggerated neck muscles. It seems like someone stuck a protractor in their necks, you can't even see their necks!! And from the comics and cartoons that I have seen, Flash looks like he's around 22 years old, but this Flash's face makes him look about 35!! There one too many age grooves on his face.

You don't have to sand down Flash's neck muscles and fill in his face with putty to enjoy this figure. Flash also comes with armor, like the other Total Justice figures, which can be snapped on or off. Inspite of my dislike for overly-detailed muscle, The Flash is still an awesome figure to have and display alongside your other Total Justice team members.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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