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Alucard Review

Castlevania (Neca)
First off let me say being a Castlevania nut since the 80's makes doing this review tough since I'm already bias. Us Castlevania fans haven't seen figure made this awesome series of games ever. I just want to take this opportunity to personally thank NECA for snagging this contract and "NOT" screwing it up!

(I feel better now)


I'll start with Alucards sculpt which is 100% accurate to he resemblance in Symphony of the Night. The 4 Horsemen did a fantastic job of capturing the old world feel of this figure everything about him is just like the instruction manual set forth by Konami when the game released. The boots the jacket the cape. Everything about it is perfect. Mine came however with the top part of his hair popped off. I blame this however on the packaging not the design.

Paint Apps:

Again just as the sculpting was perfect the paint apps are as well. Not only is everything super detailed but the y even went above and beyond and painted the interior liner of Alucards Jacket.


Do not let the prototype pics scare you if you are an arctic nut Alucard comes fully articulated. He has 28 POA all neatly hidden in his awesome outfit. I was able to freely move the joint with out any joint breaks.


Whats a vampire killer without the gear needed to fight the good fight. Alucard comes with his trademark family heirloom sword, Holy Water, and the cross! A neat effect they added further is a scabbard for Alucards sword. One thing that they could have given Alucard is a Shield as he comes equipped with in the game but beggars can't be choosers!

Overall this figure gets a 5/5 from me! It was the best $15 I spent in awhile!


      by Shinobitron   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Sadly I didn''t see these figures in stores either so I''ll have to go the internet route. I would have preferred it if all of the characters had the same level of articulation as this figure.
Shinobitron - Monday, December 31, 2007
No mall around me carried them unfortunalty I had to pick them up online. I got the whole set for around $60 shipped.
Kyle Robinson - Monday, December 31, 2007
NICE!!! I was hopig he would have more aticulatioN!!!!! were did you fid em? the mall? what store?

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