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Orion Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 1
I can't believe Mattel offered Darkseid's son / nemesis Orion in the first wave of the new DC Universe Classic (DCUC for short) line! And I'm ecstatic that they did. Orion has been a DC favorite of mine since I was a young 'un. I distinctly remember owning the very first issue of Jack Kirby's New Gods and the image of Orion sailing through the stars on the cover made a huge impression on me.

Mattel has done an incredible job on this figure and the 4 Horsemen design is extremely accurate. Orion doesn't have a lot of details but what he has they nailed. If this is an indication on how the future figures of the DCUC line are going to be made then I think Mattel is going to give Hasbro ML a lot of competition. Maybe Mattel will get the Marvel License next.

Orion stands just shy of 6.75 inches and looks ready to kick Parademon butt. Orion's body is made mostly of a dark red plastic and has a lightly sprayed shading. He's wearing his silver helmet (non-removable) which is accurately decorated with sculpted and painted details. His sculpted collar and wrist bands are dark blue while his gloves, trunks (?) and boots are purple - they look blue in a lot of pics but are most definitely purple. If you look closely at his right wrist band there are some tiny hieroglyphics sculpted there - a nice little detail. The tops of Orion's boots are sculpted and painted light grey. His belt is a silver plastic piece sandwiched between his torso and waist. Orion comes with his removable flying harness which is made of soft gold plastic and is incredibly detailed in it's sculpt. Yes, Motherbox is where she is supposed to be in the harness on Orion's left shoulder. The harness really looks like Jack Kirby drew it in 3-D. Again I have to say The 4 Horsemen and Mattel captured Orion's look and details extremely well.

Orion has the familiar DCSH POA - 23 that I count - but Mattel has definitely improved on the body design. The chest is not as wide and over exaggerated as the DCSH Superman and Batman figures and Mattel has altered the leg design so that Orion can stand a little straighter and taller instead of the familiar constant widespread fighting stance of the DCSH Supes and Bats. It seems to me that the range of motion for posing the head has been greatly improved upon too with a wider range of motion than the DCSH figures have.

This was the only character in the DCUC 1 Series that I REALLY wanted to get and I am extremely pleased with it. And while I'm not the biggest DC fan, the quality and attention to detail put into this figure has me very excited about future DCUC figures. Hopefully Mattel will continue the trend of including Hardcore Fan Favorite / Fringe Characters from the DC Universe in future waves of the DCUC line.

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User Comments
captainzero2 - Sunday, May 25, 2008
Good review for a Great DCUC figure. The Four Horsemen are doing a great job with these DC heroes. Thanks for such a good review.
Well done.
The picture help, too!!
Unknown User - Saturday, January 12, 2008
yeah the amount of detail in the Astro-Harness (I was reminded of the right name after I submitted the review ) is incredible.
as far as I can tell the doo-hickey is just there to fill the hole that serves as the cape anchor point on other figures. guess Mattel uses a universal mold for the bodies.
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, January 12, 2008
Whoa, that great detail on the hover-dealie! And what''s that doo-hickey in the middle of his back?
Unknown User - Friday, January 11, 2008
here are few more pics to show some details...
Astro Harness -
Monsterous V Back -
Brooding & Decisive -
Unknown User - Wednesday, January 9, 2008
I think it''s an effect of the digital camera and the downsizing of the pics. still experimenting with my light box and some of these pics were a little fuzzy before being altered in photoshop.
I''ll try to take a few more that are a bit better lit and post ''em here.
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Nifty! The shading looks blotchy in some places though, probably less noticeable in-person?

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