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Brawl Review

Transformers - Movie (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
From the second I saw it on the pegs, I knew Deluxe Brawl was going to be disappointing, but I bought it anyway, don't make the same mistake!

As a Deluxe figure, it's everything you can expect: Small, easy to transform, cheap ($10-$12). Problem is, Brawl is supposed to be huge, like way taller than a house, so you can see how this 5-inch version, on-par with Bumblebee, is less than satisfying! I thought maybe the detail on the figure would make-it a cool figure to have on your work-desk at least, and it is, but you can only cram so much detail onto a small figure. If you try to make a 5-inch blue whale, you are definitely going to lose a ton of detail, exactly what happened here with Brawl. Yeah, there are rivets and plates and grooves and stuff, but you can't even see them anyway because of the lack of paint. There's no shading to bring-out the pits and bumps so the whole thing looks like a drab-green block in tank-mode. In robot-mode, there are small patches of gold and black paint where needed, which help break-up the green, but it's a far-cry from an acceptable paint-job. The clear-red pieces are nice, but you get the same effect tossing a ruby into a pile of mud. Green mud.

The turret fires a clear red "blast", which surprisingly, works well! It fires a fair distance, enough to rate it a "long-range" weapon, instead of the embarrassing 2-inch range most other Transformers projectiles get. The rest of the weapons suffer from lack of detail, the 2 black missle-turrets look like 4 tooth-picks wrapped with a rubberband, seriously, it's bad, and the mis-matching colors don't help.

The poseability is great though, and transformation is a snap, though the arms aren't going to stay put no matter how hard you plug the arm-pegs into the proper holes. They just aren't built to stay, it's a factory defect. Bottom-line, if you want a Brawl to give to your kid to play with, get this one, otherwise buy the $40 Leader-class Brawl, it's huge and in-scale with the other TFs!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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