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Ironhide Review

Transformers - Movie (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
This is definitely the TF to get out of all the Movie Transformers made so far. He will not disappoint you!

Ironhide is almost 7 inches tall and looks awesome, which is everything I can hope for in a Voyager-Class TF. He's not 100% movie-accurate of course, but it looks great nonetheless. The main problem being that since he's almost completely black, a lot of the detail of the sculpting is muted. There are copper and silver-blue areas, but they don't help much. Maybe some silver-gray high-lights would have helped, to give him that tattered appearance because he is supposed to be a veteran warrior after all. The huge cannon (seriously, it's ridiculously huge!) can break into 2 to store one on each side of the truck (or place a piece on each arm in robot-mode). They're designed to look like gas or hydraulic tanks, and it sort of works. If you don't transform Ironhide well-enough though, the tanks can hinder movement by lifting him off the ground. I was willing to overlook this, but the cannons don't fire well at all. They aren't spring-loaded, they're the "pressure-powered" kind that you launch by smacking them with your thumb. Lame. Also, The trunk isn't empty, it's actually where the feet go in truck-mode, so the trunk has the effect of having a hardshell-cover. This might bother you, but maybe the cool clear-blue windshields will make you forgive it. The head-lights and brake-lights aren't clear plastic though, they're just painted-on Another thing, I didn't like the head at first, looked kinda fat, but after a while it starts to look like a lion, and lions are cool, so this head is cool too.

The poseability is all there, tight joints and everything you'd expect can move, except the waist because of how Ironhide transforms. Transforming him back into truck-mode isn't hard at all once you figure-out what position to put the hip area in. The "auto-morph technology" is in the feet, when you extend each foot, armor and wheels slide out of the way and into place, pretty nifty. Also, many TFs tend to send unnecessary parts to the back somehow, like bumpers, hoods, and windshields, which throws the figure off-balance making it hard to pose (like the Voyager-Class Optimus), but this isn't a problem with Ironhide, he's been efficiently designed. I wish the ankles would rock to the sides a little though, but you can't have everything...

Really, 20 bucks for this TF is a great price, it's one of the best I've seen.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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