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Superman Review

Batman - Hush (DC Direct) - Series 2
Right of the bat, no pun intended, the figure struck me as a dramatic and very accurate representation of Jim Lee's art. Once out of the package, I took a deep breath of that wonderful new DCD Toy smell.

In better light and under a more scrutinizing eye, I still found virtually no flaws. The muscle mass was just right and not exaggerated. The arms were flesh tone, painted blue, while most of the body and legs where blue plastic painted red or yellow.

The Kryptonite veins or vines on the hand and neck were a nice touch, but when I first saw them thought they were mold. The cape is one of my favorite bits. The wind swept and tattered look is very dramatic.

My only complaint is the pole that fits into his back and the base. While it stays upright and firm for maybe a day, it quickly starts to shag and swivel as the glue or whatever holds the two pegs on the pole starts to loosen. The makes the figure lean forward and threaten to fall over, but it is easily solved with a little super-glue.

Over all, I give this Superman a 4.5. It is a great addition to any collection.

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