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Optimus Prime Review

Optimus Prime
Transformers - Movie (Hasbro) - Leader Class
From the tiny little rivets, and the subtle autobot symbol on top of the grill, this Optimus Prime is one of the most detailed I've ever seen!

Each finger is individually mobile with the thumbs having a ball and socket joint. This enable you to make Optimus give awesome poses and give the bird to Megatron. The figure, like almost all modern Transformers, is incredible possible, but its weight and bulkiness often make it lose balance.

The gun is sleek and futuristic with a spring loaded launcher, giving it a good range.

The head, while close to the movie, falls a little flat with very little detail.

The transformation is tricky at first, but with practice, it becomes second nature. The "automorph" feature here is for his head. Once in robot mode, to complete the transformation, you pull down a small tab on his chest which releases a lever that makes the head pop up and sets off flashing lights and cool sounds.

A smaller button on his shoulder makes the horn blare, but only if the head is exposed, meaning that it is limited to vehicle mode or an uncompleted robot mode.

Over all, I give this a 4.5. I would have given it a solid five, but like a said before, the head falls flat and is unattractive.

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