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Godzilla Review

Godzilla - King of the Monsters (Trendmasters) - Carded Figures
Ah, Godzilla. What is not to like about him? He is essentially a big lizard that breaths fire and puts the smack down on countless aliens in ugly leotards, stomps around Japan, crushes the military under foot, and beats up his friends I.e., monsters too stupid to pay protection fish.

And the toys, oh the Godzilla toys! Rarely containing vast amounts of articulation stay mostly true to the big lovable titan. This Godzilla is much the same.

The only points of articulation are the stubby little T-Rex style arms that go up and down, the legs, the very back of the tail, the head which goes left and right.

The body itself is hollow, or at least feels hollow to me, and contain the magic that makes Godzilla roar whenever you press a little red button on his chest.

That is about all that can be said about this particular figure. It is good for display and can handle fairly rough play but keep it out of the water or else!

The tail section will easily become loose with to much fiddling and will break off.

Over all, a 4 out of 5. Not the best Godzilla figure, but not the worst.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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