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Spider-Man (Battle Ravaged) Review

Spider-Man (Battle Ravaged)
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 5
I first got this toy when I was but a wee little child from a K-Mart that has long since been closed. Always the Spider-Man Otaku (second only to Superman), I had to have this. Even though the first figure I had of this is most likely shattered in a thousand little pieces, I was able to find one of the inter-web, sorry couldn't resist, and tore that sucker open.

The web-backpack is soft and squishy, able to be opened up just enough to fit a curled up Doctor Octopus Arm, that comes with the figure, inside. The backpack is able to clip onto Spider-Man's back and hold tightly at that.

A small camera can be attached at his waist by means of a small hole and peg.

The severed Tentacle is highly flexible and can be held in either hand.

Onto the figure itself. The paint job is just a little to clean. If he is in this bad of a shape, you'd expect to see some dirt at least on his uniform. The head is my favorite part of the toy. The mask is torn and an eye cracked. A small patch of brown hair sticks up through a tear in his head is a nice touch.

The tears on his arms, legs, and chest look very painful and come across as if they were torn off of the costume.

Over all, I give this a solid 5/5.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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