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Bass Review

MegaMan NT Warrior (Mattel) - 5” Scale
Bass, Forte, whatever you call him, he remains one of Megaman's deadliest foes in every incarnation. This particular version comes from the Battle network series of games, set in an alternate timeline to the Main Megaverse in which Network technology evolved instead of Robotics.

This toy, for the most part, stays true to the games design. A soft rubber cloak that can be fitted around his body as long as you remove the twin yellow spikes on his shoulders.

Bass also comes with an interchangeable buster with a purple Dark Shot. The buster can be put on either arm.

His head is massive with the finned helmet, Bass' trademark. Another feature is a scare that cuts from his left shoulder to his right hip, going through his chest icon on the way.

The figure sadly lacks articulation. Only the knees, legs, elbows, arms and head can move, making only limited possibility possible.

The figure also has difficulty standing on it's own because of it extremely heavy head.

The colorization is plain and rather unimaginative and the scar is barely visible. I recommend this for die hard collectors only.

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