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Superman Review

Reactivated (DC Direct) - Series 3 - Super Friends
The Super Friends, a campy kid friendly version of the Justice League of America, cartoon show drew many young children to love comics in the 70's and 80's. It's character designs became legendary and fans often squeal with a sense of nostalgia when they see a Super Friends dvd, toy, or even the famous opening lines of the TV. show.

It was only natural for DC Direct to produce a line of toys based upon the legendary cartoon.

Super Friends Superman features bright, cheery colors, representative of the innocents of comics and of cartoons of the time. His face his soft and friendly with an All American smile and bright baby blues. Unlike most DC Direct figures, Super Friends Superman offers a fair amount of articulation with movable head, hands, arms, knees, legs and a swivel joint waist!

Simple holding this figure will bring back childhood memories of sitting in front of the television, nearly bouncing out of the house as William Woodson exclaims: "From the farthest reaches of the Galaxy, the greatest heroes the world has ever known, unite!"

Over all, I give this Super Friends Superman a solid 5/5 for quality and also, helping us remeber a simpliar, more fun time.

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