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Planet Hulk Review

Planet Hulk
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Annihilus Series
The Planet Hulk action figure stands a monstrous 7.5 inches tall without his removable helmet. The body is a reuse from the War Hulk action figure while the head is a new sculpt that is rather unappealing and un-Hulk like.

I want to make this abundantly clear, there are no variant Planet Hulk figure's! The Planet Hulk action figure was originally shipped in mixed quantities of green and silver arms before the silver armed Hulks where dubbed a production mistake and where stopped in production.

The Hulk includes a large shield, spiked shoulder pad, and a removable, feathered helmet.

Over all, this figure would have made a solid five, but there are a number of things that I was not fond of on this figure. The head sculpt being number one. It is completely incorrect for this Hulk and not comic accurate.

The pants should have been a loin cloth like garb, but Hasbro again got lazy and just reused the War Hulk body and added nothing.

The armored arm is merely painted, and does not accurately represent the gauntlet that Hulk wore through out the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk series.

Over all I give this action figure a 4/5

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