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Divebomb Review

Transformers - Energon (Hasbro)
Divebomb is a little taller than 4-inches in robot-mode, he falls somewhere between a Scout and Deluxe-class TF. Knowing nothing about TF history, I can't say if DB is accurately designed, but I bought it anyway based on pure coolness factor. I mean, he's a hawk that transforms into a ninja! How can you not buy this for $7.99! Assuming you can find it at that price of course (if you can find it at all!). The color-scheme is a lot nicer than the clashing colors of many of the other TFs in the Energon series, and all the white made me surprised this guy is a Decepticon. Divebomb also comes packaged along with a snap-on piece of clear green Energon that can attach to the chest. The "feathers" in the wings are also clear-green and so is the cool weapon he has! It's hard to describe, but DB can hold half of it in each hand to use as small axes, and in hawk-mode the halves can be attached to the sides of the neck to...uh...kill Autobots? YEAH! The 9-inch jagged wingspan just enhances this menace.

The poseability is great for this size, DB has almost all the standard poseability of a larger TF, so you can take advantage of his ninja-esque appearance and put him in high-flying poses. Transformation is simple of course.

Divebomb looks good perched on any of the larger TFs, and like most TFs, DB has many different color-schemes with as many different names. I'm still looking for the orange/black version, which is of course impossible to get at a decent price.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Shinobitron - Wednesday, March 5, 2008
ooo I forgot about him being made! Hmm makes me rethink the making of all the Preds to combine. . . .

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