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Rhino Review

Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 1
Rhino is known as one Spider-Man's most dangerous foes because of his raw physical strength, and also known as one of his dumbest. This action figure portrays both these assets most excellently. With a build that would make Mr. Universe shrink away in fear and a face that only a mother...a blind mother really, could love, Rhino is poised to lay the smacked down on Spidey and anyone and everything that gets in his way!

His costume is rippled and dented, almost like an actual animal hide. Rhino's soft rubber shoulder pads are dented and scared, looking like he just went two seconds with Chunk Norris. That's right, that is all Rhino could last against Chuck.

Rhino's left hand is clenched in a tight fist while his right hand is spread open like he's about to wrap his hand around that little insect’s neck!

Rhino's head is my favorite part of this figure. The face is pudgy and ugly with a snarl on his mouth while his eyes are highlighted with red and crimson irises. Twin horns rise from his leathery cranium with hundreds of tiny grooves running down each. A set of tiny eyes are molded on the sides of his head like he is actually wearing a rhino hides.

Now on to the bad. The figure elbow and knee articulation, freezing them in that position. The body is hollow and makes afraid of it falling down and cracking.

After several hot, soapy, baths the figure remains rather sticky feeling which is left over residue from the mold. I had to detract points from my figure just for this.

The upper body, which is a separate piece from the rest of the action figure, looks like it would split open if you moved the head too much!

Over all, I give this rendition of Rhino a 3.5. It could have been so much better.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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