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Chun Li Review

Chun Li
Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 1
Chun-Li stands about 5.75 inches tall, I don't know if that's in-scale with the rest of the figures in this line, but she looks fine on display with them. Thankfully, this figure has a different sculpt than Cammy, it's a much more slender frame, though SOTA still decided to give Chun-Li some, er, "formidable" breasts. The extras in the package include: a set of open hands, a set of fists, and an extra head with that scream of joy she bleats-out after kicking-in a guy's head. Both heads are very anime-ish, with big bright eyes, just as they should be. The detail on the outfit is finely-sculpted, but it looks a little bland because this Lavender version has only white accents, the original Blue version has gold-timmings (this version still has the gold earrings though). The ribbons in Chun-Li's hair are dirty-white, and I know they did that to add detail and shading, but they just look nasty, hah. The skirt is flexible so it doesn't impede kicks to the throat.

The phenomenal articulation is all there, you're only going to notice limitations in the shoulders because of the puffy sleeves. The arms still move up in spite of them though because the sleeves are made of flexible and sturdy rubber. The figure I got had loose ankles right out of the package, I swear, it's like they couldn't stand to make a perfect figure so someone decided to add a small defect to all of these figures! Also, the boots don't swivel! Cammy has the same problem there is obviously enough room to add the articulation but for whatever reason it was neglected. Bummer :[ Of course, we have tutorials to fix this, just browse around the site :]

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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