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Sakura Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 3
This is a pretty generic school-girl figure, Sakura doesn't have any distinctive traits like Guile's hair or Cammy's gauntlets, it's still a fun addition to your collection though.

Sakura is about 5.25 inches tall, but still fully poseable! The likeness to the character is pretty good, but something about it is just off. The figure has great big cat-like eyes, but it's not as cute as the animated picture. The skirt and shirt are flexible like Chin-Li's suit so they don't impeded movement. The paint is kinda messy on this figure, especially on the flexible parts, it'll vary from fig-to-fig of course. Accessories include: 2 heads (screaming and smiling), backpack (functional!), camera, small books, an extra shoe (???), and 5 hands in various positions to show-off her youthful vigor, hah. The only problem I have with the figure is that the head is a pain to pop-off. I almost snapped the peg a few times switching it. Maybe it's just a problem with mine.

All articulation is present and fairly hidden. The shoes are ridiculously articulated and they still look good! All teh joints hold-up well to posing, nothing is loose yet on mine, but the ankles are starting to get wobbly.

I wouldn't pay the 10 bucks for this figure but it is pretty cool. The accessories are useful for your other figures too so I'd suggest buying this when you get the chance.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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