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Iron Man (Mark I) Review

Iron Man (Mark I)
Iron Man - 2008 Movie (Hasbro)
I just finally got my Iron Man Movie Mark 1 Figure in the mail from Hong Kong yesterday! so lets begin.

The figure was off the start ALOOOOOT smaller than I thought it would be.. the figure's body itself was very nicely sculpted and pretty bulky but the head was as way too small for the body... almost like a peanut..

The body has about 20 points of articulation from my count.. but I could be alittle off... mostly the same for most of the hasbro marvel legends..

other than that. I was atleast very happy to have this figure.. it stood out very well to have a new Mark 1/first appearance Iron Man that looks like a real made out of scrap armor.. when you compare the left side to the right side of its body you can notice that nothing is the same detail... which is good giving it the homemade/ tony had to just make the armor to survive look.

Over all.. I didn't want to grade the figure that low because it is very good, but the size of the head just really throws it all off for me.. the body is a very nice decent size though...

I already started customizing it and I'll show you guys a weird picture of the head peg under it... its surprising very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry big...

thanks for reading... check the Iron man movie checklist for more pictures.. and I'll have a custom up soon with more too.

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User Comments
Unknown User - Sunday, February 10, 2008
would it be possible for you to take a few pics of Iron Man Mark I with some other marvel legends figures so I, WE could see just how small he is compared? thanks so much if you can i really want to get these figures but i dont want to waste my money on them if they are not to scale. thanks again
Chancellor - Saturday, February 9, 2008
thanx! yeah, i''ll have to hunt it down at a toys r us er something, couse the best comic store around my house is REALLY exspensive, so yeah, but thanx!!!
Chancellor - Saturday, February 9, 2008
how much do these figures cost at like, toys r us or something?
Chancellor - Saturday, February 9, 2008
yeah, hasbro''s figures are pretty small, but i think his head looks fine. ''cause if you consider what size the armor is, than what size tony stark would be, i think it evens out. man, i HAVE to get this figure!!!!

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