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Iron Man Review

Iron Man
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 1
This is Marvel Legends series 1 Iron Man. He is an awesome figure. This is one of my favorite suits of his, since he's probably worn it the longest. So, Iron Man has a really cool, really buff sculpt that has been used like, three other times, (with slight modifications), for the Iron Avenger. It's got good articulation, BUT, and this goes for all other times this sculpt was used, he has this weird, totally useless mid-chest line on him. It looks like it's supposed to be another POA, but it is completely stiff, weird, huh? He's also got sculpted-in repulser rays on his palms, which look sweet! His mask comes off, and undernieth is Tony Stark, with slicked back hair and a handlebar mustache! This is also my favorite under-mask Tony. He's got a good paint job, with a silver, sparkling coat on top of everything except the face. Man, just look at thepic of this guy, he's awesome!!! I bought him to go with my series 1 Cap, but I really would of bought him anyway


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