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Conan / Wrarrl Review

Conan / Wrarrl
Legendary Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Toys) - 2-Packs
[This is for Conan]

Because I know someone is going to make the snarky remark, I consider LCBH and Marvel Legends figures the same thing, for reasons that are obvious if you've ever owned a LCBH and ML figure at the same time.

Our barbarous barbarian stands over 6.25 inches and is solidly constructed. This is one of the few Marvel Legends-style figures where the muscles are believable, not some freaky abstract sculpt like Black Panther or Bishop. I thought the hips were going to be gross, but they actually look natural once you straighten-out the legs. Only problems I have with the sculpting is the weak-looking ankles (they're scrawny in comparison to the rest of the body) and the straps sculpted on the right thigh. I wanted a bare-minimum Conan, no extras on him, but we can't be picky I guess, the sculpted manacles don't bother me at least. I'm amazed that the people hired to paint Conan figs actually seemed to know what they were doing! The dry-brushing on the equipment and shading on the muscles far exceeds anything I could imagine. This paint-job isn't the greatest thing ever, but it's just so much better than the ML figures had that it deserves a special mention. Of course, this could just be the case with this particular figure, hah. Accessories include: Axe w/chain, sword w/scabbard, and a bear/wolfskin cloak. The scabbard's strap is too long and hangs loosely, but it's like that to fit over the cloak, which isn't meant to be removable. You can tug it off but it's going to leave two holes in Conan's back. Another thing, the "skirt" is well-painted but it bugs me. I know it's comic accurate but I like the crotch-pouch Conan a lot more, luckily its easy to take-off and replace.

Articulation is everywhere you expect it to be, it's only missing in the fingers, I'm assuming that's so he can hold the heavy weapons easily. The head can face any direction but it's kind of a hassle to face upwards because the hair gets in the way. Conan is huge though, he's used to looking down at people anyway :P

You can only get Conan in a 2-pack with Wrarrl, which is well-worth the 20 bucks because Wrarrl is frikkin' sweet as well.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Friday, May 30, 2008
Well worth the price. Of course i did scoop this up @ KB for $9 for the two-pack.No seriously the Conan fig is everything a Toy-Biz style Marvel Legend scale figure should be.Awesome sculpt and articulation without sacrificing the fine details. Did a boil-and-pop off for the cloak and shortened up the scabbard by removing the chain.Probably gonna pick up another one so i can give em the zebra paint job from the movie while I wait for the NECA one to come out.
cowboyink - Tuesday, March 4, 2008
well we were drunk and he was making those.......wait wait no it was for customizin was gonna use him for a protocide custom
Dr Nightmare - Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Why did you take his skirt off? xP
cowboyink - Monday, March 3, 2008
only thing i don''t like about this set is Wrall''s Pelvis is overly large, with his Skirt on its okay without it he looks like he has is underroos pulled up to high
Chancellor - Monday, March 3, 2008
cool, thanks doc!
Dr Nightmare - Monday, March 3, 2008
He can bend all the way forward but not all the way back because, well, that''s a weird pose anyway, I don''t see why anyone would need him to stand like that
It''s also solid, it''s not loose at all, neither is the waist, even after taking the belt off!
Chancellor - Monday, March 3, 2008
hey doc, nice review. i was wondering, does conan''s mid-body POA move well, or is it kinda stiff like how it looks?

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