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Conan / Wrarrl Review

Conan / Wrarrl
Legendary Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Toys) - 2-Packs
[This is for Wrarrl]

This monster is over 7.25 inches of ugly, and you can see every bit of it because the helmet is removable! He looks like a scorched purple pumpkin with a huge grin on its face under there, it's hysterical at first but it gets creepy when you're in the house alone with that thing staring at you, mocking you with those glowing-red eyes. The detail is phenomenal all over this figure! There are scratches, dings, and dents everywhere, the clothing is finely textured and the decent gray-on-black dry-brushing brings-out all those wrinkles and cuts. The armor looks like Ringwraith armor only it's actually articulated! The cape isn't very flexible but it's still impressive. The sword Wrarrl has is one of the best I've seen, the whole thing looks like real metal! The blade is especially impressive because it has high polishing, I'd kill to know how they got this effect. The scabbard for it is nice too but it's not attached to the belt, it's on a plain glossy belt of its own which looks out of place against the satin detail of the figure. There's also a removable pouch slung over his shoulder with a gross slug coming out of it, Wrarrl likes to eat those...

Wrarrl is fully articulated, except at the fingers, probably to hold the sword well. The right hand is in a grip position and the left is just open, read to claw someone's eyes out. Most of the articulation is well-hidden because of the armor, even the midsection-hinge is almost invisible! There were problems with my figure though, the right bicep is up-side-down and the left knee is bent, but these are easily fixable oddities.

You can only get this figure in the 2-Pack with Conan, they are worth the price!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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