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Iron Man (Mark III) Review

Iron Man (Mark III)
Iron Man - 2008 Movie (Hasbro)
Not being a huge fan of Iron Man, I wasn't looking forward to these figures, but I thought they'd make good fodder for customs, and turns-out they are, but they are also pretty cool figures. They don't give-off that cheap plasticky vibe like most of Hasbro's stuff, but they are far from perfect. There are some little things that bug me.

Iron Man stands 6.25 inches tall. I'm not kidding. All the bitching and moaning you've been hearing about him being too small is all a bunch of hot air. He's fine, well worth buying at retail price. And don't worry, this figure is going to be everywhere in a week or two, don't spend 50 bucks online for it. The armor-design isn't bland, but the paint-job is kinda iffy. It looks like he was painted with nail-polish. There are areas where there are dark swirls beneath the paint, it looks like red marble rock; I don't like it. Also, there were crusty little black things all over his body, what the hell? I scraped some off but it damages the paint, so I left the rest alone. Another thing, the figure feels sticky. It's not actually sticky (thank the Goddess!), it just feels like it. The gold areas look good though. The shoulder-pads are designed to pop-off, which is cool I guess, but they could have just made them like the Marvel Legends Modern Iron Man and gotten a more stable result. The pads pop-off a lot. I like the cannon included with the figure, it's removable and launches like a fiery beast! There's a strong spring inside the launcher so it's fun to use.

The knee and elbow joints scare me. It's possible for this Iron Man to walk like an ostrich, and it's not necessarily a bad thing, the joints look fine, it's just and "added bonus" I guess, hah. And yes, they are double-hinged. The ankles are actually articulated under there, the armor flaps over the boots are very flexible, so you can put the ankle's swivel-hinge to good use. They don't rock side-to-side. Hasbro could have easily added that movement (because the joint is hidden by the armor so it still looks good), but they didn't. :/ The wrists are the same joint, but they look soooo freaking dainty. He has girl hands. STARK HAS GIRL HANDS! I like what they did with the shoulder-joints though, when you move an arm out to the sides, only the shoulder-disc moves instead of the entire shoulder-joint. This is great for customizers because this helps eliminate paint-rub in the shoulders almost completely! I guess you have to be a customizer to get excited, hah. I like the new neck-joint too, it's just a big ball you pop the head onto. Again, this eliminates paint-rub, gets rid of an ugly hinge in the neck, and it's possible to safely remove the head without needing to heat it up. Makes customizing a lot easier. It still has a full range of movement too! The hips take some getting used to, but they work fine. I like the midsection hinge, he can bend all the way back and a bit forward and it still looks natural.


* Repulsor Blaster (looks cool, hits hard, and it's removable)

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Tuesday, April 1, 2008
...I left my Iron Man by the window and it started turning pink! NOES!
Scottrooper - Tuesday, April 1, 2008
I picked up this one last night and got him opened up this morning. In comparrison with both the Stealth Ops and the Mark 2, I''m actually quite disappointed in this figure. Well, not the figure itself, because it is of course the same figure as the Mark 2, the Stealth Ops, and the Silver Centurion, but the paint applications. In the whole rack I went through there wasn''t a single one that had a clean application of the red. The gold and silver, yes, but not the red. Poor old Iron Man looks like somebody went through and gave him paint touch ups with some pink paint. (Specifically bad points being his right foot, both hands, left thigh, and right side of his abdomen area)
Popping off the head and looking at the ball joint (which is left unpainted shows that it looks to be a missed coat of paint. the grey/silver plastic, the pinkish underbase, then the semi-transpartent darker red coat.)
Yeah, I know, if I want perfection, do it myself, It''d just be nice if he wasn''t pink :-)

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