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Super Patriot Review

Super Patriot
Legendary Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Toys) - Pitt Series
The end result of German experiments on POW Johnny Armstrong, Superpatriot is brought to life in this stunningly comic accurate portrait. The detail on his arms and legs are by far the absolute BEST thing on this figure.

The tiniest wires and tubes are mapped out in excruciating detail. His right arm features a deadly clawed hand and a good deal of articulation while his right arm wields a massive weapon, ready to tear through the enemies of Truth, Justice, and dangerously high Cholesterol at a moments notice.

The face has detailed wiring spreading out from his artificial eyes which are reminiscent of Batou of Ghost in the Shell fame. In fact, minus the freakishly long pony-tail, he would make an excellent base for Batou!

Speaking of the pony-tail, it is not stationary, but is able to be spun around to achieve different poses and not interfere with head movement.

His biggest weakness is his shoulder pads which feel like they may snap off at any moment!

The shading on the arms and legs fall a little flat, literally. I would have loved there to have been a metallic glint off of them. I suppose I'll have to do that myself.

Anyway, this figure is overall a great buy and worthy addition to any collection.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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