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Brute Chieftain Review

Brute Chieftain
Halo 3 (McFarlane) - Series 1 - Campaign
From the depths of the Covenant, the muscle that is the Brutes arise to strike fear into the hearts of human armies. The Brute Chieftain is perhaps the most terrifying of the species.

Dressed in heavy duty, and possible ritualistic, armor, The Brute Chieftain the mighty race of warriors into battle wielding the devastating Gravity Hammer, a weapon that can alter the gravity in its immediate area to absolutely pulverize its target.

Looking like a hybrid Rhinoceros and Triceratops, the Chieftain is intricately sculpted with no detail over looked by the Gods at McFarland.

The mouth is left open in a roar, the tongue raised and almost quivering with the power of its silent scream. The eyes are small, and menacingly red.

His helmet beautifully done with the colors blending together ever so naturally.

A shield attacked to the left arm is made of semi hard plastic that is flexible but not to bendable, which gets in the way of movement because of the shoulder pad. The rest of the armor is mostly the same as the others.

The gem of this is the afar mentioned Gravity Hammer, featuring a great level of detail and looks truly dangerous.

Over all, this is a shining example of McFarland’s skillful sculptors. 5 out of 5!

      by Collector1   Update Review

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