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Master Chief Review

Master Chief
Halo 3 (McFarlane) - Series 1 - Campaign
A day at Wal*Mart toy hunting is usually rather uneventful for me, rarely ever finding something good aside from some Transformers of Marvel Legends. That is, until I saw this nice piece of plastic for only $9.63!

Master Chief, the hero of the Halo story, and the best humanity has at survival is standing tall and proud at 5 and half inches tall.

What drew me to this was it's incredible sculpt and war worn paint job. Each piece is seemingly individually painted with care taken for each shade.

Master Chief is highly articulated, with each joint almost invisible unless you have x-ray vision. This allows for incredible posing.

Now, onto guns! Master Chief comes with very little, only his rifle is included along with a peg that can be inserted into the multiple holes on his back and one on his leg so his weapon can be attached very securely.

Sorry folks, but this is the bad parts. The hands. The right hand is freakishly hard and inflexible and pops out of the joint far to easily. Also, when I was trying to put in the rifle for the first time, the thump popped off the hand. Thankfully, I had some superglue on hand.

The left hand is in an opened, clutching position to hold onto the barrel of the rifle. Nothing really bad, but this prevents you from having Master Chief dual wield a weapon with out getting a second left hand that is in an alternate position.

Over all, this is a fine figure, well worth the price. 4 out of 5!

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