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Spider-Man (Black Costume) Review

Spider-Man (Black Costume)
Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Signature Series
Before Venom, before Eddie Brock, and LONG before over exposure and bad editorial choices ruined a potentially incredible character that could have over shadowed even Norman Osborn, there was the Black Costume. Now, this dark part of the Spider-Man Legacy is brought to you in the form of Symbiote Spider-Man.

In scale, and theme of releases, with the rest of the Spider-Man Origins line, Symbiote Spider-Man is made of black plastic and hard rubber with the famed reach around spider symbol painted on in shining silver paint.

Featuring roughly 27 points of articulation, Symbiote Spider-Man is highly pose able, allowing a multitude of dramatic positions.

Symbiote Spider-Man includes a high tech glider whose wings are made from cloth pattered after the classic Spider-Man costume.

The glider attaches to Spider-Man using a soft, bendable rubber harness that slips into small holes on the body of the glider.

The body of the glider is painted like a black widow spider's thorax.

The glider features a spring loaded missile pack that fires a single black web missile for a pitifully sort distance.

The hand's lack a small black dot on the silver patches, this can be easily corrected though.

The arms are a little misaligned and when moved, they make the head shift to the left.

Over all, this figure gets a 4 and a half out of 5.

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