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Firestorm Review

Infinite Crisis (DC Direct) - Series 2
Heroes lived, heroes died and new heroes were born. Jason Rusch was one of those chosen few.

DC Direct brings to us another star of the best selling miniseries Infinite Crisis with Firestorm the Nuclear Man. Firestorm features a "massive" eleven points of articulation. Like always, the sculpt is top notch on Firestorm and for the most part, comic accurate. However, Firestorms legs fall short as they don't line up with his costume from Infinite Crisis.

The tubes on his hands are just to thin to actually see. They should have been painted a brighter color. The silver bands that lead into the symbol thing on his chest are poorly done and don't really catch the eye.

The head is pretty much one of the only good things about this thing. It wonderfully sculpted and looks like Firestorm. The eyes are painted a glimmering gold and his burning hair is translucent red and orange which fits perfectly into the base, which is a pillar of fire that attaches to a sign that reads "Infinite Crisis".

Over all, especially for a fan of Firestorm like myself, this figure was a bit of a let down. Sadly, I must rate this a 3 and a half out of 5.

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User Comments
cowboyink - Monday, March 31, 2008
I haveta agree I have this figure, the one most redeming quality is were soon gonna have a dcshu firestorm to combine this statue with to make a really really awsome Firestorm

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