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Batman (Infrared) Review

Batman (Infrared)
Batman - Animated Series (Kenner) - Series 2
Batman: The Animated Series which lasted from the early to late 90's is one of the most highly regarded Batman cartoons to this day, and is responsible for bringing a number of Bat-Fan's into the fold. The toy's were fittingly, awesome.

While never highly articulated, the made up for it in being highly show accurate, and having the most awesome accessories. Infrared Batman is just the same.

I remember when I first got this guy, cloth cape and all back when I was a wee little Collector1. The action figure features minimal articulation, but this does not detract from the figure at all!

The detail in the toy is Bruce Timm's famed minimalist style, yet still looking cool.

The weaponry featured hear is a typical disk launcher that was exceedingly popular in the 90's and still hanging in there today.

Made of translucent plastic, the shooter and disks are highly durable and can take a fair beating. The harness is made of stiff plastic.

Another treasure is the cloth cape that attaches to Batman's neck via a piece of U shaped plastic sewn into the lining of the cape.

For not only nostalgic value, but for a great deal of fun, this figure get a Bat 5 of 5. It's the same as a regular five, but with the word "Bat" in front of it!

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