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Venom Review

Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 2
Bonded with an alien Symbiote, disgraced newspaper reporter and photographer, Eddie Brock's own psychosis and need for revenge becomes all consuming when he learns all needs too about the man he blames for his ruined life: The Amazing Spider-Man!

Eddie Brock, now known as Venom, has only three known weaknesses; extreme heat, sonic, and mind blowingly bad articulation!

Venom's waist can only be turned in one direction, meaning is you want him to get back to facing forward, you have to keep turning him. His legs are far spaced which makes it hard to get both legs on the base unless you put him in a crouching position.

The Lethal Protectors feet are oddly small and seem fragile. Something else that was wrong with the figure was that one of the foot holes was to small! This was fixed with a blow dryer and screw driver.

The arms was fairly well done with sculpted muscles and shoulder and elbow articulation. The left hand is in a clawing position while the right hand is in a pointing style.

The head can be moved left and right.

The metallic finish is kind of ugly and makes him look more like a special Chocolate Edition Venom with horrible teeth and black drool.

The spider legs are poorly done and some are not even finished, but that will vary from figure to figure.

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