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Elessa Review

Warlands (D-Boy Inc)
There's a comic/anime called Warlands, and when I saw the characters they looked a lot like the characters from the Lodoss War anime. Apparently they have something important in common, but I didn't follow-up on it because I just like the toys, never saw the animes much :] Not finding a Deedlit figure from the Lodoss War series I could be happy with, I settled on Elessa here from Warlands. Just wanted to harvest her for parts, but looks like I can't use her for what I need...

Elessa is 6-inches tall, and those long legs make her look a lot taller. It's a very anime-ish figure as you can see, weird proportions, but it looks great anyway. The clothing is lavender with silver/white trim, and like the rest of the figure, there's a half-hearted attempt at dry-brushing. I love the head on this figure, it's very Elfish with the angular features, determined eyes, and sweet short hair. It's one of the best hair-sculpts I've ever seen, it looks very feminine, very sexy. The boots are huge! I was looking forward to using them on a custom but they're too big. They have the same lazy dry-brushing too. The flesh isn't painted, it's pale-colored plastic so Elessa has a ghostly appearance. Also, it should be mentioned, she's showing side-boob and it looks like she lives in cold climates. Sweet. She has a removable scabbard with a removable sword, they're nothing fancy though, bland actually. The skirt pieces are also removable with a little jiggling but I don't know why you'd want to do that...

The articulation is basic; Neck, arms, waist, and hips swivel, elbows are hinged. 8 POA... this is obviously designed as a simple display piece.

This is a nice figure overall, it just needs a better paint-job to bring-out the details in the shoulder-armor and clothes.

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Dr Nightmare - Saturday, April 12, 2008
You can see more pics at my

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