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Superman Review

First Appearance (DC Direct) - Series 2
As a distant planet was destroyed by old age, a scientist placed his infant son within a hastily devised space-ship, launching it towards Earth!

When the vehicle landed on Earth, a passing motorist, discovering the sleeping babe within, turned the child over to the orphanage.

Attendants, unaware the child's physical structure was million's of years advanced of their own, were astounded by his feats of strenght.

When maturity was reached, he discovered he could easily leap 1/8th of a mile; hurdle a twenty story building; raise tremendous weights; run faster than an express train and nothing less than a bursting shell could penetrate his skin!

Early, Clark decided he must turn his titanic strenght into channels that would benefit mankind. And so was created...SUPERMAN! Champion of the oppressed, the physical marvel of who had sworn to devote his existence to helping those in need!

Word for word, this was the simple, single page origin story first printed in Action Comics #1 in June of 1938. In it, Superman had his first adventure, racing to save the life of a wrongly convicted woman, giving a wife beater what he had earned, rescuing a kidnapped Lois Lane, and stomping out corruption in the Senate! And all in less than thirteen pages.

DC Direct, in its second series of First Appearance action figures, brings us the hero of those tales in this glorious plastic and cloth action figure. Superman stands proudly with a cocky smirk sculpted onto his sharp mug. Thin slits for eyes recreate the famed Siegel Squint. Superman is rather blocky and heavy looking, fitting his comic depiction almost perfectly.

His hands are formed into tight fists that could shatter a(paper) building with but a single strike and his legs are well toned, showing off his leg muscles nicely. The suit is a bright, sky blue and not shown as skin tight but still hints at his well defined alien body.

A thin band of yellow paint makes up the belt and slightly sculpted shorts.

He lacks boots, but wears leg wrappings as foot wear. His S-Shield is a simple upside down triangle with a red capital S in the center.

Superman's cape is a piece of cloth with a wire frame, allowing it to be posed along with the rest of the figure. Every superhero cape should be like this!

Superman features a ball joint neck, and ten other points of articulation, allowing for a small, but good, selection of poses. He could be modified for a swivel joint waist with a bit of work.

Over all, this figure proves to be a fitting tribute to the early Man of Steel. I give it, a five out of five!

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