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Superman Red (Chase) Review

Superman Red (Chase)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 2
No greater joy comes to a customizer than when seeing a new and improved "Blank" figure go on sale. A "Blank" figure is a figure that has zero to very minimal sculpted details, essentially, a "naked" body from which almost any character can be made. SuperRed here is a Male Blank, and being an articulated DCSH body makes it even more useful.

Supes is about 6.25 inches tall, just like the older DCSH Superman figs. The body-sculpt is definitely subtley different. I'd waste my breath explaining the differences, it's easier to just buy the figure and compare it to the older versions of Superman yourself (it's worth it if you're a customizer). Most importantly, the legs can now close all the way for a more natural stance. There are only the essential wrinkles to indicate a suit, not nakedness. The "flames" are transparent and the ones on the wrists can be removed. The ones on the back are glued-on but you can rip them off neatly and they'll still re-attach easily (they'll leave a small hole).

The head is okay, flawless paint-job, the hair is awesome, too bad there isn't more of it, I'd like to see this 'do in it's entirety sometime. The angry scowl is fun to look at and great for customs that need a scowl, like Jonah Hex. I'm confused because I don't know why some parts of the figure were painted and some weren't. The legs are red but they were painted red again with the white symbols on top. The upper-body is red too but only white paint was used on it (whatever, I'm just gonna pant most of it black anyway so I don't really care). The paint-applications are very smooth for the most part, and the shoulder-disks are white so they won't look ugly because of any paint-rub, but the shoulders themselves are red painted white. WHY!? Why not just make the shoulders out of white plastic too since they're supposed to be white anyway? I don't know, probably to save time/costs somewhere.

All the standard joints are there, and the ankles even feel like they might be click-joints, but I can't tell for sure until I pop the feet off. If they are, good, if they aren't, the ankles are still tight so it's all good. The neck is awesome, the rod now tilts back and forth so the head can tilt farther in those angles (see picture).

I'm surprised I'm on this fifth paragraph, it's such a simple figure that I didn't know how to elaborate on it beyond "it's cool for customs". I'm guessing the Blue version of this is the same body with a "Calm" face. Meh. Sorry about the lackluster revie, it's just not a very interesting figure.


* Red Lightning Thingies (removable)

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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