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Harley Quinn Review

Harley Quinn
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 2
There hasn't been a Harley Quinn figure made that I didn't like, and I'm miffed about not being able to get her from the Hush series. I'd like to put her head on this DCSH Quinn because I love the sculpt on it, the downward tassels look a lot less demonic than the ones on this DCSH Harley. Seriously, this figure looks crazy, which is...good? Yes, good!

Harl stands about 6 inches, which is taller than the DCSH Joker, but that's because that Joker is short, everyone is taller than him. The details, however small, are accurate and well-executed. The scrunchy things at the wrists are finely sculpted and the pixie-boots look like they could poke an eye out @_@ It bothers me that only the hands turn, and not the scrunchy things, I'm not sure why, I guess it's just a customizer thing. both hands are in a "holding" position, so you can place the included cork-gun and novelty-hammer in each hand (I'd still appreciate an extra set of interchangeable hands for the times you don't want your figures to be holding stuff). The things want to jump out of her hands whenever I try to put them in there, so I stopped trying, use one of those small clear rubber-bands to keep them on. The white tassel things (accountrements? Lol) can be removed by popping-off the head and just lifting them off (there's a little glue on the back). The black areas have a matte-finish while the red areas are unpainted.

There are no clothes-wrinkles on Harley's body, only some mandatory ones on the boot-flaps and mask-horns, it looks like she's wearing a skin-tight outfit. I think it's cool that the 4 Horsemen are sculpting our favorite comic/cartoon characters to look realistic, but dammit I got used to seeing Harley's face completely white, with no wrinkles or definition at all, almost like she were wearing a mask, so I don't like the heavy blue shading on this figure's face. It makes her too realistic for me, I like having Harley be slightly surreal.

Harley's legs don't spread all the way open, they form about a 90-degree angle with each other but go no further. Normally this would be an easy fix with some strategic shaving of plastic, but this figure is so tightly-constructed, so well-assembled, that even minor modifications are a pain. Awful for customizers, awesome for everyone else! All the joints are tight but the ankles feel like they're going to loosen first. The midsection hinge let's Harl bend far back, but not a bit forward! It bugs me that I can't fix it easily like the legs. >_<

* Cork-gun
* Wooden Hammer

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Monday, April 28, 2008
Great review. I''m planning on buying a few DC characters. I''ve been predominantly a ML collector butt the offering have either been crappy or few and far between recently.

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