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Leonardo Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Neca) - Clam Shells
First of all, I'd like to say that the NECA TMNT figures are easily the best Turtles figures I've ever seen. They're so awesome. I'll be reviewing them as a whole today, instead of just the Leonardo figure. Now onto picking them apart(critically, not literally).

SCULPT - ***** (out of 5)

The sculpt on this figure is amazing. The likeness to the original comics is uncanny, and I love the different plastics they used to complete the figure. The body (arms, legs, head) are of the normal plastic we'd expect a figure to be made of, but his chest is made of a very soft flexible plastic to keep from preventing his poseability. And the shell is made from a very hard and durable plastic which makes perfect sense considering he's...well, a turtle. I love it. And each head is sculpted differently so they're not all the same. Leo's face is angry, and so is Raph's but in a different, more menacing way. Donnie has a hard face though he's not letting his teeth show, and Mikey is just smiling away. Another great detail.

PAINT - *****

Again, something else that is perfect about this figure...the paint job. It's wonderful. Sure the original comics were in black and white, but the later printed graphic novel collections featured the original comics painted in color and these figures reflect that perfectly. Not only are the color schemes perfect for each figure, and not only are all the headbands painted red, but they actually made them look like drawings...that's right. They painted black lines in the crevesces of some of the areas to make them look like flat drawings. If that doesn't scream AMAZING then I don't know what does.


These figures are the most articulated TMNT figures I've ever seen. Before I thought the only reason they didn't add articulation was because they couldn't given the character I see it's just because they were lazy. These figures have perfect articulation that doesn't mess with the sculpt or vice versa, and most of the articulation is blended in with the sculpt, making it even better. These figures have a head rotator and a pin joint in the top of the neck allowing them to move their head up and down, ball jointed shoulders and hips, bicep rotators, single elbow joints, wrist joints (both rotator and pin) rotators on the legs at the hips, single knee joints, and even pinned ankle joints. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will. The Leonardo figure featured in this line is amazing if not for anything else but's the only Leonardo figure I've ever seen who can reach back and grab his sword still in its sheath! That was awesome to me. And, Raphael comes with hands that allow him to hold his sais the way the gods (Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird) intended. In between his fingers. PERFECT articulation for the TMNT.


These figures come with a butt load of accessories. At least for the individually packaged ones. Those of you who have already bought the boxset will notice they don't come with very many, but the individually packaged ones do. Each turtle comes with his respective weapons (katanas, sais, bo staff, and nunchaku [side note - Michaelangelo's nunchaku feature real chains connecting the awesome is that?]) and they each come with a display base, that when you set them all up together form the street with the lampost featured in the first pages of the very first TMNT comic. AND, that's not all. Each turtle comes with a mini turtle (it's supposed to be them before the mutation) and each figure comes with alternate hands with climbing claws on as well as a special character specific accessory. Donatello comes with the T.C.R.I. canister that instigated the mutation, Michaelangelo comes with throwing stars, Raphael comes with throwing knives, however Leonardo doesn't come with anything extra. But that's ok.

In conclusion, these figures are perfection manifested in plastic. I couldn't be happier with the purchase, and this just further proves how great of a toy company NECA is. Here's hoping for future waves of these figures, perhaps featuring Splinter, Shredder, and Casey Jones *hint hint*.

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