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Iron Monger (Super Fist Smash) Review

Iron Monger (Super Fist Smash)
Iron Man - 2008 Movie (Hasbro)
Finally I got my hands on the new MOnger figure.... first off. totally better than the first piece of %#&*!!!!

this one sports a better paint job over all.. w/ silver instead of that dark ugly gray

NO MORE PUNCHING ACTION!!! we are gifted with a great plain figure that has a removeable cockpit!

the figure has about 18 POA to my count.. just enough. the LEGS ACTUALLY MOVE!!! at the hip with a ball like joint.. everything basically the same to any other Hasbro figures POA except... no head movement at all on the robot head... iunno why. just probably too lazy to do it w/ the whole thing coming off nd what not..

the cockpit comes in two parts with the chest and the head that snap on to the back and front w/ a hing like movement so it can come up and down. and the two parts connected at the front and snap together..

the dude in the suit.. unusually small for that kind of suit.. his head pops down wen the suit comes up...

even though the guy in the suit is mad small for scale size compared to a regular figure.. you can't deny the beauty of the monger suit itself. I was totally dissapointed with the first one and how it had punching action and the legs didn't move.. now we have are happy with his one..

Totally posable and great addition to your collection.

Refer to the figurerealm checklist to see more pictures of the figure compared to Ironman and the old Monger.


      by wyLun   Update Review

User Comments
Maelstrom - Thursday, July 10, 2008
I almost picked this up the other day, but I thought it was just way out of scale with ML figures and the other Iron Man figures as well.
Unknown User - Tuesday, July 8, 2008
WOW... It''s good

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