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Cyborg Superman Review

Cyborg Superman
DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 6
Cyborg Superman is a fun character. He hates Superman, is a gloomy gus, and participated in the near-destruction of all reality after helping create Parallax, cool. Recently he came back with some yellow power rings and earned a much wanted death, but come on, this guy is cursed, he'll be back as a toaster or something in a few months, trying to strangle someone with his cord.

If he could stand straight, Hank here would be just under 6.5 inches tall, with legs splayed, he's like 6.2, still about the right size. The only difference between this figure and the normal Superman figure (go read that review too ) is the added sculpted cybernetic bits. The cyber-parts are of course well-sculpted though, very clean lines with silver (not chrome) paint. I don't understand what all those little flecks on the metal are supposed to represent, dirt? Corrosion? Whatever, the metal skull is awesome, very much like Terminator.

All standard articulation is there, though all the joints seem a little loose...

Apparently people want to pay 5 times the retail price because of them, and I say let them! I don't think it's worth the money, try to trade for it instead of buying it flat out.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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