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Batman (Classic Blue & Gray) Review

Batman (Classic Blue & Gray)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 1
Finally we get a Batman perfect for making a 90’s Animated Series version. I loved those cartoons and this figure is almost an exact copy of that design, yellow bat-symbol, pod-belt, and all. I was surprised Mattel didn’t make a variant black version to save us the trouble of painting it (this version has blue gloves/boots/cape), maybe they’ll release it later on like the first Batman of this long series.

Bruce stands under 6.5 inches tall, the legs are perfectly straight, yes! One major problem fixed from the old series. Also, there are now peg-holes in the feet, score again! The cape is lightly glued-on but is easily removable. When you take it off, the neck still looks normal, there’s no horrible gap like from previous cowls and capes. The gloves and boots are smooth, no detail like the first Batman in the series (aside from a few wrinkles), it adds to the clean animated style of the figure. The hands are also very flexible so Bats can hold almost anything. My only major problem with the figure is that there is a VERY noticeable seam running along the length of the front of the belt, it’s ridiculous! They couldn’t find a less noticeable place to hide the seam!? Also, the belt-buckle is sloppily painted, the rest is fine though. I love the head-sculpt on this figure, it perfectly matches the old cartoons.

All articulation is there, the hands turn at the wrists, not the gloves anymore though. All joints are tight and smooth to operate.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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