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Clayface Review

DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 8
Clayface! Never thought you’d see this day, eh? Mattel is giving us what we want, basic figures with no stupid gimmicky suits, though I think they’re saving those for later, heh. I love the old Batman cartoons, along with the character and city designs, so Clayface is a welcome blast form the past. He’s a hideously nostalgic piece and is even creepier than I remembered him to be. It looks like he should be on Ghostbusters, not Batman movies!

Our muddy puddle of preciousness is 7 inches tall. Clayface is top-heavy but the stumpy legs do a great job of keeping him up. I’ve got mixed feelings about this figure. I dig that the arms are rubberized and extremely flexible, but there a lot of different browns on him because different parts are made of different materials, I guess we can pass that off as filthiness. The chest-piece and “skirt” (used to cover the crotch) are also rubbery. I would have like interchangeable hands, these rubbery arms are cool but fingers are gonna rip-off eventually, especially if you have kids.

This thing is massive and heavy, but despite the size, it’s still super-articulated! All joints are there, including the mid-section hinge! Arms are poseable in almost any position, the knee and ankle joints are BOTH swivel-hinges, like the elbows on the newer Hasbro Marvel Legends. They’re round, natural, spectacular. The head can still turn! Even a little bit up and down!

Your Clayface may or may not have a smell because of the rubber, don’t leave it in hot places too long, but for $10 dollars, who cares, this figure is awesome. You’ll have to pay like $20-$30 online but it’s still pretty sweet at $20.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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