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Gorilla Grodd (Collect & Connect) Review

Gorilla Grodd (Collect & Connect)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 2
I’ve got surprisingly little to say about such a large figure. 8 inches of plastic and I know practically nothing about the character. Gorilla Grodd? A giant talking monkey as a master criminal? Sure, why not!

The grizzly fur, texture of the skin, indifferently sour facial expression, oh yeah, that’s a tortured genius right there. I will call him mini-me, and I will hold him, and love him, and call him Grodd, seriously, I have nothing to talk about…

Grodd is the Collect-N-Connect figure for wave 2 of DC Universe Classics. I’d complain but all the figures in this wave are worth getting I think. Harley and Aquaman are must-haves, the Superman figs are great for customs, and Firestorm looks cool, he’s getting a running-change very soon so there are 2 completely different versions of him, making a total of 7 different figures you can collect from this wave! Math is fun! You only need 5 pieces to build Grodd though. The paint-job is acceptable, the brain-apparatus looks cool but isn’t removable from his head (unless you yank it off of course). I hate that some of the seams are so noticeable, especially in the legs.

Basic articulation is there, knees/waist/midsection joints are missing. The figure feels so inanimate without at least a midsection-hinge, he just stands there…indifferent…not smiling when I take his picture…

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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