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Penguin Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 1
Cobblepot (hah, what a horrible name!) stands about 5.75 inches tall. After collecting 6-inchers for so long, Penguin here looks very short, I can’t believe I used to collect 5-inch figures and liked them, almost an inch shorter than this figure, now I can’t stand to look at them. :P The face is shaded improperly, the darker and lighter skin-tones are waaay too far apart on the spectrum, the pale skin looks like it has orange-juice in the wrinkles, not good. The face-sculpt itself is pretty cool, nice and ugly, though I would have liked a little more influence from the old animated Batman series. The sculpt of the entire figure is awesome actually, wrinkles, buttons, cuffs, monocles, bow-tie, everything is great, it’s just the odd paint-scheme that sets it back. Orange shirt with purple pants? That’s as bad as the colors they gave Joker‘s figure, ugh. Why not the classic black and white tux? Penguin has a cool umbrella that doubles as a mini-gun (a little gun-piece that clips on to the handle, the umbrella-top is removable), I thought there would be more inter-changeable bits, but nope. The top-hat isn’t removable either.

Penguin has most articulation, only the ab-crunch (he’s fat), thigh-swivel, and outwards hip-hinge are missing, I guess Mattel didn’t expect us to pose him in high-flying kicking stances, but what if we want him to be the Penguin from The Batman cartoons that knows the crazy kung-fu, huh? Didn’t think of that, did you smarty-pants?

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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