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Firestorm Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 2
I like running-changes, so much less of hassle than having to hunt down a rare variant of a figure. Technically it’s a completely different guy with the same suit, but I’m glad Mattel decided not to screw with us and let us have both Firestorms fairly.

This is the Raymond version which came out first, Jason comes-out soon, if not already by the time of this review. This figure is about 6.25 inches tall, the flames add more height. He’s got a “take on the world” kind of smirk on his face. There is lots of sculpted detail, even the thing on his chest is intricately sculpted, it’s only not visible on the yellow forearms, the yellow overpowers any detail. There are parts that are and aren’t painted, and though it did reduce the chance of paint-rub tremendously, it left the color-scheme a little off. There are many shades of red and yellow on this fig depending on the paint, or lack thereof. I don’t mind it. This has the most perfectly straight legs I’ve seen so far on these DCUC figures. The extended shoulder area is sculpted, not just a cheap piece of rubber glued on. This fig comes with two energy-things that go on the wrists. Lol, even these accessories are articulated, I have no clue why they have a swivel, but there it is.

All articulation is there, tight smooth joints.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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